Welcome to nedjmacloset.com!

Nedjma Closet is a muslimah fashion brand operated fully online and is based in southern Malaysia. 
Since launched in 2016, Nedjma Closet now, has more than 10 designs which includes blouses, top, cardigan, baju kurung and abaya. 
Our main objective is to produce top quality garments with captivating design using high quality fabrics as we believed that every woman should own beautiful clothing that she truly loves.
With the existence of ecommerce, there are no boundaries for us to deliver these beautiful garments to you no matter where you are. And, we are consistently looking for opportunities to expand our brand in different regions ex. Brunei, Singapore & etc.
With our sincerest heart, we hope you will find Nedjma Closet as the leading brand of muslimah fashion brand in Malaysia and Asian in the near future.